They say “Tribal” is in now? Well, according to Luxor Couture, it never went out of style.   If you know us, then, you know that we don’t deal with mandated trends of the runway.  We deal with culture.  Colorful African prints are popping up on runways all over. Gwen Stefani's Spring 2011 collection for L.A.M.B. was all about African-tribal prints. Her collection included printed maxi skirts, harem pants, shirts and crop tops.

Even Burberry Prorsum’s creative director Christopher Bailey added Ankara/African prints onto parkas, dresses, high-waisted skirts, tops and jackets. He even redesigned the classic Burberry trench coat usings African print.

Did you know that the origins of African print as we know it today was establish in 1846 by a Dutch entrepreneur by the name of Pieter Fentener van Vlissingen?????  Vlissingen mechanised the production of Indonesian batik cloth. This technique in known today as African print.  In the 19th century, Batik print fabric was a very popular trading goods for ships stopping in West Africa. This Holland product soon was in high demand and spread like wild fire throughout  Africa. Since then, the popularity of its printed fabrics has spread to such an extent that Vlissingen's compan, Vlisco, is now an authentic part of the cultural fabric of West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

One of the most popular, and my favorite prints is the Angelina print. I remember seeing this print come out in the 60’s hippie era or the Black Power era. 50 years ago Toon van de Manakker was inspired to create this design by seeing a 19th century noblewoman’s tunic with beautiful silk embroidery.   After Manakker created this design, it became an icon.

While the design has often been copied, Vlisco continues to produce the only true original. The traditional tunic style, based on that of the noblewoman’s tunic, has become the classic way of wearing the ‘Angelina’, but many tailors and seamtresses are thinking out the box.  This beautiful print is not just for the basic tunic any more. View the posibilities.

Luxor Couture "Afro Chic" Purse

Luxor Couture "Afro Chic" Dress

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