Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"It's a Wrap" ( Be Bold with the Latest Trends)

Years ago in Africa and still today, women wear head wraps to represent their people. They wear many styles that are displayed in bold, bright colors to represent different meanings in their culture and to boost spiritual strength. Men wore head wraps to represent status and wealth. Now head wraps are worn amongst all Americans all over the world both by men and women.

They can also be seen in other countries such as Asia, India, and Afghanistan. Even some parts of Jamaica men are known for wearing head gear or turbans. In East India, the turban symbolizes faith. Different colors have different meanings, for example, white (pure) the most holy and green represents paradise. So you see head wraps have been around for thousands of years and will continue to be apart of our fashion trends for many years to come.

Finishing touches

From bold to neutral earth tone colors, make a statement with the right head piece. Polish off your look with your favorite scarf as a head accessory.

 To have the perfect wrap is to tuck as you go to make sure it is tight, secure on your head. Be creative,have fun and start your masterpiece. First place the scarf or fabric where you want to wear it,tie a knot as tight as you can handle it.Then twist,braid one end of the scarf in any direction you would like. Remember to tuck and wrap as you go to make sure its tight. Then you can put it into a bun or a design; whatever you want to do.Once you have that end secure start on the other end the same way. After you have both pieces in place, go back and make sure you have every piece of fabric tucked away. Now go and make a statement!! Enjoy

Style by J. Ali
In-House Stylist for Luxor Couture

"I don't follow trends; I make them!"


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