Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Latest Collection at Luxor Couture: Oshun Honey

Oshun Honey is the newest arrival to the Luxor Couture collection .   The essence of this collection is the Goddess Oshun, which is symbolic of the Peacock feather.  This collection was designed with the goddess in mind;   it is sure to leave you feeling like pure royalty, and perhaps make you taste like honey.

Oshun or Ochun (pronounced O’shuun); a Yoruba goddess who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, & diplomacy.

She is revered as being beneficent, generous and kind. Oshun is associated with the color yellow, brass, honey, peacock feathers and anything of beauty. This is where the Oshun Peacock Feather originates. With its beautiful resonance of colors and delight. The way it shimmers and catches the eye with its magnificent beauty.  When adorned with these beautiful feathers and their irresistible softness, it’s as if you’ve been wrapped inside a cocoon of honey.

The Goddess Oshun vibrates with beauty and awe just as Luxor Couture brings you the most beautiful treasures on this side of the world.  Luxor Couture embodies the Oshun Peacock feather in the most beautiful arrangements of earrings.  With its serene design of beauty and  perfection, one would feel as if they are Oshun embracing their feminine divinity at its height.  As you marvel at your appearance with these exquisite earrings, you too may begin to strut like the peacock when displaying its beautiful feathers.  But don’t be ashamed, everyone deserves to feel like a goddess strutting their stuff as they exude love and beauty dropping bits of honey along the way.  Luxor Couture is definitely here to awaken your inner Goddess!!