Monday, January 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Luxor Couture

 Naptural Roots Magazine Photoshoot  2010

I was very excited to open my email one day and have Mahogany Boisseau, the spokes person for Naptural Roots Magazine contact me about being apart of their next issue.  I couldn't believe it.  I was suggested to them by Tawhida Tupak-el, a radio host on WRFG. Of course I would do it....who wouldn't.  Contracts were signed and I was on my way.  But hold up-I had to go into work that day.  Hummmmm- I suddenly felt a cold coming on. I felt very comfortable on the set, because I knew most of the people there-the potographer (TT Coles), the stylist (Jamila Crawford), the caterers ( Feed the People) and some of the models.  It seems to be a small world.  Well, I didn't get to take alot of behind the scence shots, because of contractual agreements, but here is  a short video from the photographer TT Coles. Hope you enjoy.

LeAnne (Naptuarl Roots Magazine) and I (Luxor Couture)
To order Naptural Roots Magazine Calendar featuring Luxor Couture

Slick & Rose Videoshoot for PoP Fresh

Slick and Rose is an Atlanta-based duo that has gained national and international attention.  their style is a blend of Pop, Rock, New Wave, Jazz and Hip-Hop.  I was honored when they ask me to be apart of their styling team on their latest video POP FRESH.  Take a  looksy : )

October Rose

Nikki Slick

Runway Scene
Red Carpet Scene

The Lovely Jamila Crawford (Stylist and Model)
Job Well Done!!!

On Set with Sepsenahki Aahkhu
Sepsenahki Aahkhu
wearing Luxor Couture

 I was intived to adorn  singer and songwriter Sepsenahki Aahkhu for the making of  her latest video "Searching'. This was my first time working with green screen.   Green screen technology is the basis of the effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single coloured backdrop (blue or green is often used) , studio technology allows you to make that color transparent - replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.  So, I have no ideas what the video will look like, but I know it will be great.  I really love what I do.

My set up

Getting Camara ready!! Make Up artist (MUA) Folami
Checking things out!

Showing off the Luxor Couture

Lights, Camara, Action

MUA Folami doing touch ups

Getting ready for next scene

Sepsenahki Aahkhu  and  I

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