Thursday, September 13, 2012

Handbags & Clutches & Purses... Oh, My!!

Don't you just love handbags!?  I know that many of you out there share this addiction.  If you have bought a purse and it is still in your closet...with the tags on.... Join the club. I used to be into designer bags, like Coach, Juicy Couture and even LV.  You walk down the street and you get to feel really special when someone says, " I like that purse", because they know you have spent $300-$700 for it. If you walk the streets of Atlanta, you will see many designers purses; some real and some Real Fake. 

Nothing beats being original and one-of-a-kind.  Luxor Couture specializes in the exotic.  We have a huge collection of handbags, purses and clutches.  Now that I have my own boutique, I love shopping (another addiction) for unique and exotic bags.  My favorite materials are fur (sorry PEDA), leather,mudcloth and bright African fabric. So come on all you handbag addicts and get your fix at LUXOR COUTURE.
Made in Mali

Cow horn and hide

Silky Dashiki Print


3 looks in one

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