Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Henna Heals ( Atlanta's House of Henna)

This is just a random blog about how I'm feeling about being a henna artist.  If you are familiar with me (Monica Smith) or Luxor Couture, than you know that I just started doing henna around about 6 months ago. I have some artistic talent, so learning the designs and pattern were not difficult at all.  Well, one day last month a lady called me up and told me that she just went through chemotherapy and she lost all of her hair.  She wanted me to do a henna tattoo on her head.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  I have never done a head before.  I Googled some pictures and added in my skill and creativity.  She loved it and I was satisfied with my work.

My first Henna Crown
 As I researched some more, I found out that putting henna on heads is a BIG thing.  These tattoos are called Henna Crowns and many women who have lost there hair are getting them. Our hair is our crown and glory and when that goes, we may feel ugly and depressed.   I scrolled few a few pictures and watched some videos and these women are gorgeous.  Hair or no hair true beauty is what we feel on the inside.  All of then bald women were beautiful.  The henna crowns look like jewels.  I've seen some henna designs that extend down the back and shoulders. Some designs even extended to the middle of the eyes. 

Just last week, I was able to do another henna crown.  This time the women wanted me to put a dragon on the back of her head.  This work is very fufilling.  I'm very happy that my hubby gave me some extra space in the shop to do my thing. 

The Dragon is a symbol of strength

Adding bold flowers (traditional henna style)

Adding and embellishing the empty space

Next, the focal point in the front

We are done!!!!!!

Let Us Adorn You at Atlanta's House of Henna
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Atlanta, Ga. 30307

                                                       Henna Crown Photoshoot



  1. Hi Monica,
    When you're doing henna crowns, especially on cancer patients, please ensure you are making your own henna paste. Henna from pre-packaged cones can contain chemicals and preservatives that are dangerous.

    1. Yes, I saw that on your site and I'm going to use your recipe. I also checked out your video.

  2. hey,

    Please email me at kyla@hennaheals.ca we would love to speak to you about your crowns!

  3. Hi again, we don't see you listed in our database yet. Can you please remove the trade marked phrase "Henna Heals" from the picture you posted and any text? Thank you. We don't want to cause confusion for people who may think you are officially affiliated with us. We are working out other legal documents that may allow you to use our TM in the future, but not now. Thanks.